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    March 2020

    Important Dates to Remember

    March 10th, 2020

    UPCCA Members only meeting at Top Golf

    March 27th, 28th, 2020

    UAEYC Early Childhood Conference at Weber University

    April 13th-18th, 2020

    NAC Class

    May 14th, 2020

    UPCCA Board Meeting

    June 11th, 12th, 2020

    Salt Lake County Emergency Management Team Live Major Disaster Drill

    November 2020

    UPCCA Annual Fall Retreat


    Salt Lake County Emergency Management Team is holding a live Major disaster drill on June 11 &12, 2020.They have informed UPCCA that they need as many as 300 children 5-12 to par-ticipate in this event.If interested you can contact Bryan Lewis, Emergency Planner.This would be an amazing experience to familiarize you and your family or child-care center withthe Emergency Management team and learn what to do in the event of a major disaster in our SLCounty Valley.Each of these days will be long and children will need to be accompanied by par-ents or other chaperone to assure their safety.If you want a unique and exciting learning experience and have some young chil-dren who are dying to practice their acting skillsThe need for so many children means you should invite your neighbors to join with you for even more fun and support.There is much planning to be done to put this project together.So, if interested at all, contact Bryan Lewis as soon as possibleso you don’t forget about it.Use the UR code on the flyer or contact Bryan Lewis with questions and/or to sign up.

    Bryan Lewis, MPH, CPH, CHEC II
    Advance Specialization in Disaster Information (DIS)
    Emergency Planner, Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator
    Emergency Management Bureau
    T 931-334-5304 | KJ7GJB

    What’s With all the Acronyms!?

    UPCCA, NECPA, NAC, CDA, CCP, CCQS, ECE…… the list goes on and on! Some of them exist simply to save us from spending precious time on having to say too many words (how did we ever survive without the acronym LOL?), others however stand for things that over time can lead to accomplishment, confidence, competence, and even CASH. Have I got your attention? Read on.
    The Case for Professional Development (it all ties together, I promise)
    Professional development is what sets us apart from babysitters. When pursued consistently and applied diligently, you become an expert in the field of early childhood education. As an employee this makes you more marketable in the field, opens the door to additional opportunities; many of which can lead to higher compensation (Mo’ Money), and at the very least lead to greater job satisfaction. As a business owner, having a well-trained knowledgeable staff leads to better client retention, more word of mouth referrals (Mo’ Money), higher scores on the CCQS (Mo’ Money), and greater job satisfaction for you and your employees.
    Enter the Certified Childcare Professional Credential (CCP)
    Yes, it would appear that the acronym should be CCPC but I guess even acronyms need to be shortened sometimes (insert shrug emoji).
    The CCP is not new; what IS new is that the Office of Childcare (OCC) has recently added it to the list of credentials that you can get reimbursed for and that will earn your center points on the CCQS. So what exactly is the CCP and how do you get one? I’m glad you asked.
    The CCP is essentially the same thing as a CDA (Child Development Associate Credential). They are nationally recognized 2-year credentials and both are worth 3 points on the CCQS (Child Care Quality System). However, there are a few key differences that should be pointed out and that in my humble opinion (IMHO) make it a better choice for providers and owners.
    The pathway to the CCP is more flexible than the CDA. You choose your classes, when you take them, and who you take them from. In a CDA co-hort you will have one instructor and the classes are taught on a regular schedule.
    Whereas a CDA must be completed in 3 years, you have 5 years to complete the CCP. You can even get credit for any classes taken in the past (within your 5-year window).
    The cost of a CDA is $425; the CCP is only $350. This may seem like a moot point since both can be reimbursed but you do have to come up with the money first so less is better, right?
    The NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation), who offers the CCP credential, has a “QuickStart” option. This is where you can buy all of the materials needed to get the CCP for only $34.95. This includes the book, an outline of how to create the required portiolio, practice tests, required forms, and all the steps to acquiring the CCP. The remaining $315.06 is paid upon submission of portiolio.
    Finally, and as an owner this is the best difference of all, you can buy a QuickStart packet and make copies of ALL the materials to get multiple staff members started!
    For more information on the CCP and to buy your QuickStart packet visit the NECPA website at click on the search icon and type in “quickstart”.
    Happy learning! Remember: the more you know, the more you grow!
    Tami Thomas, Owner, The Kids Connection
    National Administrators Credential and Career Ladder Instructor